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Bookmarks - Eeveelutions / Mudkip & Wooper / Ghost Pokemon / Poes

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Each ~50x148mm in size and made from thick postcard cardboard, single-sided with soft touch laminate making it smooth as heck to the touch. Choose any of our four bookmarks: Eeveelutions, Mudkip & Wooper (friends forever), Ghost Pokemon, and the most perfect Ragdoll Cat Poes (totally unbiased opinion)

These bookmarks will make your reading just that much more #aesthetic. These bookmarks are a great gift for nerdy readers, be it Pokemon or cute cat fans! Are you a fan of the eeveelutions and can't get enough of them? Do you love the derp of Wooper and Mudkip? Do the edgy and adorable Ghost Pokemon give you the spoop you need? Or are you simply ready to join the cult of Poes? These Bookmarks have it all, a surefire gift of serotonin while reading your favourite novels.


✫ Approx. 50x148mm each
✫ Single-sided

✫ Printed on sturdy cardboard with soft touch lamination, smooth as butter~