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Cotton Capybara Socks

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Are your footsies always cold? No worries, we have the perfect socks for you! These capybara socks are perfect to keep your feet both warm and stylish! 

These cute colourful socks feature a plethora of chill capybaras bathing with their favourite treats, truly just vibing. There isn't a thought in their heads or a single worry in their lives. Look upon these socks and wish your life was this problem-free and filled with tangerines.

Cute and nerdy and colourful, these cute little shark socks are perfect for adding a touch of pure joy and pop of colour to any outfit!



✫ "One size fits most" - fits about EU size 38-44
✫ In US sizes that's women's 7-12 or men's 6-10.5
✫ 66% cotton, 32% polyester, 2% spandex
✫ Designed in Belgium, produced in China