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Custom Pokemon Stickers! Pokemon Commission / Vinyl Pokemon Stickers

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Is your favourite some obscure Pokemon you can never find merch for? Or have I cruelly ignored your best boi in my type packs? Do you just really want something made custom especially for you? You can now order special sticker commissions!!

Commission process:

1. Tell me in the character field which Pokemon you'd like to get

2. I'll send you a sketch or two for you to approve or choose between

3. I finish the piece and send it over for final approval

4. I will order the stickers when I've finished a batch of commissions, cut them all out, and send them to you!

The whole process takes about 2-5 weeks depending on how busy I am and when I'm planning a new sticker order. You get 4 stickers in total out of this: 2 normal and 2 shiny versions