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Custom stickers! ~8cm / Original Characters, D&D OC, personal portrait, or any fandom character welcome!

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How many characters on one sticker?

Have you ever wanted a custom little sticker of your own favourite characters? Now you can!

Commission process:

1. Contact me via email messaging and tell me what character you'd like me to draw for you and provide any references you might deem useful. Visual references are a must here, if you don't have your character drawn out then please provide a written description and images of what you think is similar in style. For example you can give me an image for the hairstyle, an image for the kind of coat they wear, or an image that you think is the style you might want me to improvise on. Don't worry, we'll figure it out together.

2. I'll send you a sketch for you to approve and you can request changes.

3. I finish the piece and send it to you for final approval.

4. I will order the stickers when I've finished a batch of commissions, cut them all out, and send them to you.This means that sometimes you might wait an extra week or two if I have a lot of commissions to do. I have to order these stickers on a bulk A3, I'm sorry for the wait!

You get 4 stickers in total of each of the characters you commission! Overall this process can take about 2-5 weeks in total, depending on my schedule !!