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Hades Badges Buttons // 38 mm / 1.5 inch

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Escape Hades with the aid of your friends and strange relatives! You can pin these Hades badges on anything that needs to be infused with just a little bit more chthonic energy. Is your backpack falling apart? Maybe Zagreus can pull it out of Hades. Trying to impress a significant other? Aphrodite has your back! Do you still die every time you face Charon? Pin these onto your Switch bag and m a y b e you'll stand a chance this time.


✫ 38mm / 1.5" diameter
✫ Sturdy plastic pin-back
✫ Hand-pressed with love ♡


Pro-tip: They are mostly water-proof, but a really heavy session of pouring rain could still ruin it, so be careful with putting it on a backpack.