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Hades Stickers

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Escape Hades with the aid of your friends and strange relatives! You can stick these Hades stickers on anything that needs to be infused with just a little bit more chthonic energy. Is your laptop almost dead? Maybe Zagreus can pull it out of Hades. Is your phone dreadfully slow? Hermes has got your back! Do you still die every time you face Charon? Paste literally all of the Olympians on your switch and m a y b e you'll stand a chance this time.


✫ Approx. 7cm or 3 inches tall
✫ Printed on 90g/m2 sticker paper
✫ Laser printed
✫ Hand-cut with love ♡


Put them somewhere you won't rub them often so the print won't fade (so not under your keyboard where your palm will brush them constantly) They're sturdy and will remain pretty for a long time, their biggest enemy is rubbing!