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Loona Stickers Solo Version

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Girl of the Month

These adorable stickers feature characters from the kpop group Loona, based on each of their pre-debut solos! Do you need these ViViD stickers Around You? Do these cute designs make you want to go Singing in the Rain? Does your love for LOONA Eclipse your love for everything else? Do want to introduce something New in your life, something for your One and Only, something that gives you a Heart Attack just looking at it? LOOK NO FURTHER.


✫ Approx. 7cm or 3 inches tall
✫ Printed on 90g/m2 sticker paper
✫ Laser printed
✫ Hand-cut with love ♡


Put them somewhere you won't rub them often so the print won't fade (so not under your keyboard where your palm will brush them constantly) They're sturdy and will remain pretty for a long time, their biggest enemy is rubbing!