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LOVE WINS: Korrasami, Catradora, & Bubbline stickers! Vinyl or Regular

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Proudly show off your canon gay/bi ships with these cute little Catradora, Bubbline, and Korrasami stickers! Make sure that every time you look at your laptop or your switch case or your water bottle or wherever you stick this that you remember that LOVE WINS, cartoons are for The Gays, and it's the best!!

These durable stickers feature artwork by me and are each cut by hand, they're perfect for laptops, notebooks, journals, and more! Each of them is about 7cm or 2.5 inches tall, give or take.

Regular stickers are made for indoor use, they are sturdy but not as sturdy as the vinyl ones, but their colours are brighter and clearer. Vinyl stickers are thicker and sturdier and can handle wear and some water exposure but the colours are a little more dull. 


✫ Approx. 7cm or 3 inches tall
✫ Printed on 90g/m2 sticker paper
✫ Laser printed
✫ Hand-cut with love ♡


Put them somewhere you won't rub them often so the print won't fade (so not under your keyboard where your palm will brush them constantly) They're sturdy and will remain pretty for a long time, their biggest enemy is rubbing!