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Poes the Ragdoll Cat Memo Pad

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Little memo pad featuring the Poes the Ragdoll Cat and her giant fluffy belly!  This 10x10cm (or ~ 4x4 inch) memo pad will bring a dash of happiness to your desk setup while also being designed for optimal writing space!

They're a bit larger than most memo pads are to ensure that there is enough writing space to really take some Dang Good Notes while still small enough not to be in the way. Really, this artist's unbiased opinion says they are purrfect! AND you can now grab one alongside its sibling cute Poes washi tape to really spruce up your stationery and get a little bundle discount alongside it!

With these cute memo pads you'll never forget a thing again (probably)!


✫ 10x10cm
✫ 50 pages
✫  Top ~2cm has glue for sticking on any surface