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Shark Stickers! // Cute Sharks Sticker Pack // No Thoughts Head Empty

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How many stickers?

Cute shark stickers! Whenever I look at sharks all I can think about is no thoughts head empty which is extremely relatable to me. Stick these cute shark stickers on anything to remind you that there is a higher life form and it has no thoughts at all

In a full park are: 1 Hammer Head Shark sticker (emptiest head of all), 1 Great White Shark sticker (not white), 1 Whale Shark sticker (head full of water), 1 Goblin Shark (head full of all the secrets in the universe, which is distressing), 1 Manta Ray (almost a shark!), and 1 Chimaera (shark before sharks were sharks!)


✫ Approx. 7cm or 3 inches tall
✫ Printed on 90g/m2 paper sticker paper
✫ Laser printed
✫ Hand-cut with love ♡


Put them somewhere you won't rub them often so the print won't fade (so not under your keyboard where your palm will brush them constantly) They're sturdy and will remain pretty for a long time, their biggest enemy is rubbing!