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Sharks Scrunchie B-Grade

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Warning! These scrunchies are made from a wonderfully soft and textured fabric, but it does tear very easily. It's easy to mend again if it tears, but do be aware that it's a real possibility! That's why they're marked down as B-grades.


Are you in need of tying your hair but will only the cutest hair accessories do? No worries, we have the perfect scrunchies for you! These space shark scrunchies are perfect to keep your hair locked tight and your outfit looking fresh as hell.

These cute colourful scrunchies feature a great white shark, a hammerhead shark, a whale shark, a goblin shark, and a manta ray (closely related to sharks!) alongside some moon jellies and various space themed iconography.

Cute and nerdy and colourful, these cute little shark scrunchies are perfect for adding a touch of pure joy and pop of colour to any outfit!



✫ 100% polyester